Love Island 2015: meet Lauren Richardson

Lauren caused an internet storm when she posted a selfie with Zayn Malik from One Direction earlier this year. Now she’s hoping to find love...


Name: Lauren Richardson


Age: 26 

Day job: Community Sports Officer from East London

Interesting fact: Lauren was caught up in a social media storm earlier this year after being pictured with then One Direction member Zayn Malik. “It got blown out of proportion, the picture was just a picture,” she said of the backlash from fans. 

Why Love Island? “I’d like to find a nice dishy man. It would be nice to find love, but you can never tell whether you’re actually going to get that because we are on a TV show, but it would be nice. I don’t want to go in there and have a bit of fun with someone and end up in the same situation that I am now.

“This isn’t what I’ve come on the show to do – to go and try and get famous. It’s more just to find love and let people see how I am. I’m quite open minded.”

Ideal man: “I like a guy that doesn’t take life too seriously. I don’t take life too seriously. I’m quite happy to make myself a prat and hopefully make people laugh.”

Worst idea of a date: “I don’t like dates where you sit down and have a meal. I find it really awkward. That awkward chit chat. I prefer going to a bar where it’s a bit more relaxed, having a chat over a drink, rather than eating and worrying you’ve got seeds in your teeth. You can’t have spaghetti as you’re going to drop it down you – that’d be my worst – so if they put me on a sit down meal, you’ll be thinking, she’s going to hate that.”

On drinking in the villa: “I’m a bit of a wild child when I’ve had a drink. There’s limitations that you know you don’t want to come across in a certain way. I wouldn’t be the one that’s absolutely smashed rolling across the floor. I’ll have a drink – I do like a vodka cranberry – but you’ve got to be a bit careful.” 

On whether she’ll discuss Zayn in the house: “If someone asks me then yes. Other than that, no. I don’t see the need. I’ve said what I have to say now. If someone asks then I’ll say what happened.”

… and what did happen? “I’m not a home wrecker. I’m not the one who split the band up. I’m just a nice average girl who was on holiday trying to have a good time.” 

On being away from home: “I live with my mum, dad and my little brother. I have no pets, no children, I have no ties. It’s a good thing to come on here with no ties.” 


Love Island starts Sunday 7th June on ITV2