Love Island 2015: meet Danielle Pyne

Danielle caught show bosses' attention after proving popular on a dating app

Name: Danielle Pyne


Age: 23

Day job: Marketing executive for a private members club in London

Interesting fact: Producers of the show spotted Danielle after she was featured in an article for having the most charms (the same as ‘Likes’) on dating app Happn. “The producers told me all about it and I thought it sounded great and went for it.”

Why Love Island? “To meet some new people and if you can get a relationship out of it that’s a big bonus as obviously that’s the aim at the end of the day. I’m not actively [looking for romance] but it would be great if I did [find it].”

You were spotted because of Happn, are you a big internet dater? “I’ve only had a couple of dates from Happn. I don’t really like doing blind dates. We just met up in a bar for a drink before I went to work in the evening. I literally go with a twenty minute window. I guess [I’m quite ruthless], I didn’t realise until this conversation. 

“I usually like people that I meet through friends. I very rarely go on a date and then go on another one and then another one like that. It’s usually people I’ve known and met through a friend, liking their personality.” 

Ideal man? “I have no strict criteria. It completely depends on the person as a whole, whether I click with them and get on with them.”

Will you get steamy in the villa? “I’d probably kiss someone, but I think that’s about as far as I’d go because I’m aware my family’s watching. [My family] are really excited about it, I can’t wait.”

On being on camera: “I think for the first couple of days it’ll be weird with the cameras. But you can’t be aware of yourself all the time 24-hours a day so I’m sure it’ll become more natural after a while.”

Any bad habits? “I don’t snore. Nothing springs to mind.”

On concerns about the other contestants: “I just don’t want anyone to start petty arguments. I want to avoid arguments if possible. Obviously I don’t want anyone to be mean. I get on well with most people, I hope it will be the same in the villa.”

On handling a love triangle: “I’ve never been in a situation like this so it’s completely alien to me. I hope I’d deal with it in a way that would avoid arguments. But if I actually genuinely had feelings towards someone and I was hurt, you never know how you’re going to act, do you?”

On the £50,000 prize: “It would be brilliant to win that. I don’t know if I’d know how to play the game [to help me win]. I’m not very good at being fake. I think I’d find that pretty hard. I’ll do my best to win the money. I’d hope to be very sensible with it and put a deposit down on a house.”


Love Island starts Sunday 7th June on ITV2