Dr Woo! Can you out-pun the Sun in our Doctor Who challenge?

When Prince Harry was snapped with his hand on Jenna Coleman's knee, the Sun have come up with some Dalektable puns to accompany the story - but can you do better?

In 2015 Prince Harry was been snapped with his hand on the Doctor Who companion’s knee, and The Sun splashed it across the front page accompanied by the Dalektable pun “Dr Woo”. 


The double-page spread inside featured more Whovian word-play, including “do Who come here often?” and “I’m no Lord but I’ll give you a good time”.

But can you do better?

Yes, we’d like you to bring your Doctor Who knowledge and punning skills to bear on this important story – can you out-pun The Sun?


Share your ideas in the comments box below…