Doctor Who: best guest stars from 2008 – 2010 specials

Every now and again a special Ten episode called for a special guest star - but WHO was the best?

Not content with keeping us on our toes during the run-of-the-mill season, every now and then The Doctor headed off on a special adventure, joined by some rather familiar faces – and you can pick your favourite below.


David Morrissey

Character: Jackson Lake/The Doctor

Episode: The Next Doctor

Best known for: His 1983 debut in TV series One Summer set Morrissey up for a long and varied British TV and stage career but you’ll probably know him best these days as The Governor from The Walking Dead

David Tennant’s former Blackpool co-star very nearly had us convinced he was the Doctor in his performance as
amnesiac Jackson Lake – but the pathos he brought to the character’s true identity was even more impressive.

Dervla Kirwan

Character: Miss Hartigan

Episode: The Next Doctor 

Best known for: A vast TV career, tormenting parish priest Peter Clifford as Ballykissangel landlady Assumpta Fitgerald (who also popped up in The Vicar of Dibley and Father Ted) and providing the “this is not just food” voiceovers for a rather famous supermarket’s ad campaign

The honeyed tones of this Irish actress added a sultry edge to the menacing Miss Hartigan, who was almost more terrifying than her Cyberman accomplices.

Michelle Ryan

Character: Lady Christina de Souza

Episode: Planet of the Dead

Best known for: Screaming you’re not my mother at Jessie Wallace’s Kat Slater on EastEnders and taking the lead in the ill-fated Bionic Woman TV series 

As aristocrat-turned-thief Christina Michelle Ryan was more in charge than the Doctor – definitely a companion we wish we could have seen more of.

 Lee Evans

Character: Malcolm Taylor

Episode: Planet of the Dead

Best known for: His stand up comedy (he’s one of Britain’s biggest selling comedians y’know), big screen roles in Mouse Hunt, There’s Something About Mary and The Fifth Element, and several starring turns in theatre

The stand-up comedian brought his manic, physical style of comedy to Doctor Who in a wonderful take on the classic nerdy scientist.

Lindsay Duncan

Character: Adelaide Brooke

Episode: The Waters of Mars

Best known for: An illustrious and multi-award winning stage career and starring roles in Alan Bleasedale’s G.B.H and epic HBO/BBC series Rome

Duncan had been looking for a Doctor Who role for some time before she was cast in this scary episode, and the
intense yet charismatic Mars Base Captain was worth the wait.

Timothy Dalton

Character: Rassilon

Episode: The End of Time

Best known for: Beng Bond, James Bond in The Living Daylights and Licence to Kill before playing Rhett Butler to Joanne Whalley’s Scarlett O’Hara in TV miniseries Scarlett

The full gravitas and arrogance of the Time Lords was brilliantly portrayed by this former Bond, who skillfully
portrayed the darker side of the Doctor’s people.


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