Is Martin Freeman playing the British Prime Minister in Captain America 3?

New rumours suggest the Sherlock star could be a political animal in the upcoming Marvel movie


Martin Freeman’s role in superhero sequel Captain America: Civil War is still a secret – but there are some interesting new rumours milling around about just who the Sherlock star could be playing.


Thanks to our chat with comic writer Mark Millar (who penned the comicbook storyline the film will be based on) we already knew that Freeman isn’t playing a super-powered sort in the movie – so could he be a politician involved in the registration act for superheroes that the film hinges on?

Well, some people seem to think so – and even reckon Freeman’s character might come from a little closer to home than we were expecting. Unconfirmed rumours suggest Freeman will play a fictional British Prime Minister who pushes for superheroes to be held to greater account after an Avengers mission involving UK forces goes wrong.

If the film storyline follows the comics, what would ensue is the titular ‘Civil War’ between heroes who agree with government control of superheroics – led by Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) – and those who think it infringes on their freedom, led by Captain America (Chris Evans).

It certainly sounds more exciting than most of what our politicians get up to nowadays – and if the rumour is true, the character could tie in to a short scene in the recently-released Avengers: Age of Ultron with Andy Serkis. In the film, Serkis’ weapons dealer Ulysses Klaw (below) is on the phone threatening to send missiles up somewhere unpleasant before adding: “Now, Minister, where were we?”.

Perhaps in a world of superheroes he doesn’t understand, a British PM might try to defend the UK’s borders with special weapons – and if that didn’t work, attempt to get the superheroes themselves under control. Freeman (who just recently appeared in a party political broadcast for the Labour Party) would be a good fit for such a role, right?

This isn’t the only theory about his role, of course – some fans believe he is to play US State Department official (and original comic-book character) Everett K Ross, whose expertise in fictional nation Wakanda could also tie him in to the upcoming Black Panther movie (which is set in Wakanda).

In fact, considering Serkis’ Klaw was dealing in a super-metal found only in Wakanda, there’s a good reason why Ross might be on the phone with him as well – so perhaps one way or another, we’ll be seeing Freeman in the Black Panther film alongside the already-announced Chadwick Boseman and Serkis.

Or alternatively none of this is true and Martin Freeman is playing a comedy janitor or something. Hooray for internet speculation!


Captain America: Civil War will be released on the 29th April 2016