Marvel’s Captain America spin-off series Agent Carter to air on Fox in the UK

Hayley Atwell battles evil and sexism in the TV series, which will arrive in Britain in July


Victory rolls at the ready, Agent Carter has found a home in the UK. The first season of the Marvel Comics series, starring Hayley Atwell as an ass-kicking secret agent during the 1940s, will air exclusively on Fox next month. 


Agent Carter, which is a spin-off from the Captain America films, aired on ABC in America and has been on the lookout for a UK broadcaster for a while. 

The drama, also starring James D’Arcy, Chad Micheal Murray and Dominic Cooper, follows Peggy Carter (the former girlfriend of Captain America) as she undertakes secret missions for Howard Stark while also battling misogyny and sexism at the Secret Service Reserve. 

“Marvel’s Agent Carter is blockbuster Hollywood entertainment at its best,” said Fox’s managing director Jeff Ford. “With high production values and a stellar UK and international cast, the series is the perfect addition to FOX UK’s summer line up, continuing the channel’s commitment to bring exclusive, original and breakthrough series to a UK audience.” 


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