Jurassic World director on why Richard Attenborough’s character had to be included

Colin Trevorrow explains his prominent inclusion of Attenborough’s Jurassic Park character John Hammond in the dinosaur reboot following the actor and director’s death last year

The sad news that legendary British actor and director Richard Attenborough had died last August was greeted with tributes worldwide. Now one of his most iconic roles lives on in sequel/reboot Jurassic World which includes numerous references to his Jurassic Park character John Hammond, the dinosaur zoo’s founder.


“In the context of the movie, he hadn’t died yet when we shot the film, and we always planned for him to have a presence in it,” Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow told RadioTimes.com.

“It just felt real to us. In the same way that Walt Disney had a statue and a presence at Disneyland, certainly from an image standpoint [Hammond] is the father of this whole endeavor.”

Trevorrow concluded: “But in reality, Dr Wu [played by fellow Jurassic Park actor BD Wong, reprising his role for Jurassic World] is the father of the genetics. So that’s why those two characters are the ones we bring back, and mention.”

Some of Attenborough’s Jurassic Park dialogue has already been used in trailers for Jurassic World (above), and the character is referred to several times throughout the film in dialogue. But like Disney, Hammond is mostly included in the form of a commemorative statue in the park (below), that ends up watching over plenty of the inevitable dinosaur-induced mayhem.

“We show that statue early on in the film and it feels very warm and inviting – and later on in the film when things have got much darker you see it again, and I feel like the expression has almost changed a little bit,” Trevorrow told us.

“It was like the laughing clown in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure [whose face changes] when his bike gets stolen. Hammond has a very all-knowing kind of look in his eye.”


Jurassic World is released on the 11th June