Jessica Hayes added to Love Island line-up after impressing show bosses in pre-show test run

Things get steamy among the test contestants as the Mallorca villa readies itself for the first live show hosted by Caroline Flack this weekend

Love Island returns this Sunday night and it seems the Mallorca villa is the perfect setting for a bit of holiday romance, as even the test run contestants have been hooking up. 


For the last couple of days the villa has played host to pre-show participants for the production team to work on the technical side of things including camera angles and to see how the setting looks on screen – and those playing the part for the cameras certainly seem to have been making the most of it. 

“There has been some romance,” a show insider told “They’ve made the most of their time in there.”

In fact, the dry-run has proved quite fruitful for show bosses, who decided to scoop one pre-show contestant, Jessica Hayes, out of the villa to become part of the main show’s line-up. 

“She’s a great character,” a source told us, adding that it’s quite an unusual occurrence for a contestant to make it onto the main show in that way.

Jessica herself said: “It was a bit of a shock, but I couldn’t be happier, I’m really excited to be going in there.

“They decided they liked me and they want me to be on there. It’s brilliant,” she added.

Of how steamy things got during the pre-show run, she added, “There might have been a little bit of kissing… it’s just normal, isn’t it?”

Once the main contestants enter the island, host Caroline Flack will be on hand to guide viewers through the various shenanigans of the twelve contestants. They’ll enjoy dates – some of which will be outside of the villa – as they seek romance and try to avoid the weekly public vote-offs. 

Whether those in the villa are looking for a long-term romance, one night stand, or to get their hands on the £50,000 prize remains to be seen. But with so much action in just a few days, six weeks certainly looks like it will provide us with plenty to talk about. 


Love Island starts Sunday 7th June on ITV2 

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