EastEnders: is Kathy going to be Masood’s new love interest?

Actor Nitin Ganatra has high hopes for romance when Gillian Tayforth's character arrives back on Albert Square


Is Masood Ahmed destined for a relationship with Walford returnee Kathy Beale? One person who has his fingers crossed for romance is Nitin Ganatra, who plays Albert Square’s resident postman.


“I would love Masood to get together with Kathy,” the actor said to RadioTimes.com. “Partly because I’ve already been Gillian Taylforth’s love interest in a show we did together for ITV called Jane Hall. We were doing a lot of on-screen bonking! She’s a great actress, very watchable and a lot of fun to work with.”

The character of Masood has been particularly lovelorn of late thanks to the disintegration of his marriage to Zainab and failed relationships with both Jane Beale and Carol Jackson. But Ganatra is hopeful that Kathy’s permanent return later this year could put some pep in his step.

“I’d also be interested to see what the dynamic would be,” he continues. “I think it’d be different to what we’ve seen before, which is Masood being bossed around by women. I reckon Masood would be the tearaway while Kathy would be the reasonable one. It would be fun if it was Kathy trying to tame Masood.”

The character of Kathy Beale was miraculously resurrected over the soap’s 30th anniversary in February, having previously been thought to have died in an off-screen car crash in 2006. Actress Gillian Taylforth is set to make a full-time comeback later in 2015.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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