Doctor Who fan explains London Underground closure in the best way possible

Tufnell Park Tube station is about to shut down for nine months, but this Doctor Who-themed whiteboard notice makes everything better


Someone working at Tufnell Park really, really likes Doctor Who.


The London Underground station will be closed for nine months from 8th June, as the station’s rickety lifts (which, reassuringly, fail once a week according to TfL) are replaced.

It’s OK though, because one smart TfL employee has found a great way to explain this commuting delay in space and time: through the medium of Doctor Who.

‘Regeneration’ sounds so much better than ‘engineering works’ doesn’t it?

This isn’t the first time that Tufnell Park Tube whiteboards have been handed over to Who. Check out this message from Saturday 23rd August 2014 (the start of series eight and the Peter Capaldi era).

And then there was this from January last year. Know where the quote comes from?

It’s from David Tennant-era episode The Family of Blood. Hang on a minute: seeing as Tufnell Park is on the Northern line, surely the quote should have come from Christopher Eccleston?

But it’s not just Nu-Who that gets the TfL treatment. Check out this brilliant reference to The Web of Fear to celebrate Who’s 50th anniversary.


All aboard the Who-bilee Line.