Channing Tatum goes undercover as an old man at preview screening of Magic Mike XXL

The actor pretended to be a quiet, bearded marketing rep named Scott who asked unsuspecting fans some questions for “research purposes"...


A screening of the new Magic Mike film has left fans very hot and flustered indeed – and no, it wasn’t just down to the epic stripping scenes.


At a 3D showing of Magic Mike XXL, its star Channing Tatum went undercover as an older, bearded marketing rep named Scott to prank the audience.

In the following video, the actor asks viewers a series of questions for “research purposes” and tries to make his interviewees admit to things they wouldn’t dare say to the real Channing Tatum. Namely, when he asks a viewer who the best actor in the film was and she says, without hesitation, “Matthew McConaughey”.

The actor – who reprises his role as stripper Magic Mike in the new film – then reveals his true self (no, he doesn’t get naked, he just takes his beard and wig off) to the shocked – and, of course, thrilled – audience.

Magic Mike XXL will be released in UK cinemas on July 3rd

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