The tweets and Twitterers who broke world records

As Caitlyn Jenner reaches a million followers in the fastest time ever, who are the other record-breaking social animals on Twitter?

Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover shoot has helped her record the fastest ever time to reach one million followers on Twitter, with the Guinness World Records account clocking her time from 0 to 1,000,000 at four hours and three minutes.


Caitlyn sent her first tweet at 5:17pm UK time on Monday 1st June, and by 9.20pm she had reached the million mark, surpassing the record previously held by US President Barack Obama

But she’s not the first to smash records on Twitter. Here are just some of the other world records recorded on the social networking site.

The most re-tweeted message on Twitter

Ellen DeGeneres’ ‘Oscars selfie’ is officially the most retweeted message in the site’s history. Twitter confirmed on 3rd March 2014 that the celeb-packed snap had clocked up more retweets than anything else – the number currently stands at over 3.3 million. Fancy bumping the numbers up even more?

Most tweeted about event

For all Fifa’s many failings, it doesn’t half put on a show worth talking about. 672 million messages were posted about the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, making it the most tweeted about event in the site’s history. At its peak in the final, there were 618,725 tweets sent per minute.

The most tweeted about event in 2015 so far is also a sporting event, Super Bowl XLIX in the United States. 25.1 million tweets were sent – including some from annoyed Brits who didn’t know what all the fuss was about…

Most followed profile on Twitter

Katy Perry is currently the most followed person on Twitter with over 70 million followers, nudging ahead of second-placed Justin Bieber and Barack Obama in third.

At the time of writing Perry has 70,507,740 followers, Bieber is on 64,346,204, and Obama’s followers (on his official page rather than his personal @POTUS account) number 59,911,579.

Most tweets

According to data from Friend or Follow, @urbandictionary is responsible for more tweets than any other account. The bot account has sent 4,300,112 messages since it was set up in July 2008.

First tweet

The honour goes to ‘Twttr’ co-founder Jack Dorsey, who sent this earth-shattering update on 21st March 2006.

First tweet from space

Thanks to astronaut Timothy ‘TJ’ Creamer for this first post from outer space, sent on 22nd January 2010.


(Personally, though, we prefer this awesome reply from Commander Chris Hadfield to Star Trek actor William Shatner.)