Shia LaBeouf tells the internet to Just Do It in bizarre motivational TED talk

When life gets you down, just watch an actor-turned-art installation screaming to make everything better

Shia LaBeouf’s bizarre motivational viral video has broken new ground – and been turned into an uplifting (and slightly terrifying) TED talk.


A bit of background: LaBeouf agreed to join forces with London art school Central Saint Martins for their 2015 graduate show. As part of the project, he filmed 36 30-second films in front of a green screen basically acting out whatever the students wanted him to.

The motivational “Just DO It!” speech (sounding suspiciously like a Nike viral marketing campaign) was one such film, and the fact that it was filmed in front of a green backdrop has been a red flag to a bull for the internet.


Watch the full video below and see how YouTube creator Michael McNeff took the raw material and TED-ified it (the screaming madness starts at 08:58).