Tom Hardy gives a brilliant lesson in how to be truly disdainful at a Mad Max Q&A

The actor put his talents to use when a journalist asked him about the women "overtaking men" in the new movie...


See this face of utter disdain? Well, this is the face that everybody’s talking about.


It’s the sort of withering, incredulous look we all gave our parents as teenagers. Spine-chilling stuff, isn’t it?

Tom Hardy’s excellent facial expression was in response to a journalist at a Cannes Q&A asking whether he was concerned about too many women in Mad Max: Fury Road.

In the video above (9 minutes 50 seconds in), a reporter from the Toronto Star says to Hardy, “I have five sisters, a wife, a daughter and a mother, so I know what its like to be outgunned by oestrogen.

“Did you ever read the script and think, ‘Why are all these women in here?’ I thought this was supposed to be a man’s movie?”

Hardy pauses for what feels like an eternity and then responds with a blunt, “No. Not for one minute.”

The actor then gives THAT look of disbelief. Yes this one, just in case you haven’t seen it enough…

He adds, “That’s kind of obvious.”

Charlize Theron, who stars in the film alongside Hardy as badass Imperator Furiosa, says “good for you”.

And that’s it. It’s not long, but it is clever.

But while the question seems to imply that the abundance of women in Mad Max is a bad thing, the journalist has said he didn’t mean it that way.

The reporter, Peter Howell, later told Buzzfeed: “My question to Tom Hardy was intended as the opposite of sexism. I was congratulating him for his willingness to share the screen with so many strong women in a franchise and genre more inclined to celebrate the male over the female. He was also willing to be in a co-lead role with Charlize Theron, in a movie called MAD MAX, no less. I think a lot of male stars might have objected to this, but Hardy is of a special breed.”

Whatever the journalist’s intention, Tom Hardy continues to reign as feminist supreme.


We’ll leave you with this…