Big Brother Timebomb: Marc O’Neill

Scientist by day, stripper by night

Name: Marc O’Neill


Age: 29

 Twitter handle: @TallaforniaMarc

Occupation: Scientist by day, stripper by night.

Loves: “Catching people out” and “challenging people’s intelligence.”

Hates: Jade, another current housemate.

“I know Jade already. I guarantee that if you asked her to spell ‘polyamorous’ she couldn’t! I’ve built up a tolerance to hate her already.”

Fun fact: He is “the gayest straight man around.” Marc explains: “I wish I was; life would be so much easier. It would explain an awful lot!”

He says: “Marc with a C Is the scientist, Mark with a K Is the stripper and Marq with a Q is an absolute lunatic!”

Yes, Marc C/Q/K has alter egos.


Almost famous: Marc is a Pleasure Boy (“which entails giving pleasure to others! I do it in a classy way”) and star of Irish reality show Tallafornia. Almost jumped in a river after being ‘neknominated’, but then didn’t.