Big Brother Timebomb: Harry Amelia Martin

This model and dominatrix is not cheap

Name: Harry Amelia Martin


Age: 22

Twitter handle: @harryamelia_

Occupation: Model/dominatrix

Loves: Latex, PVC, “teeny tiny bikinis”

Hates: Clothes, especially pyjamas – “you’ve been wearing clothes all day, why the hell would you want to wear clothes in bed? It’s disgusting!”

Fun fact:

A ‘findomme’, or financial dominatrix: catering for men who enjoy being dominated through their wallet.

You can buy her things from her Amazon Wish List, if you really want.

She says

“You’ll never get a girl like me.”


“It’s not a nice thing to say to someone but people enjoy it and I get paid for it so it is a win/win situation! It’s not a bad job to have.”

“I don’t see a problem with me being the way that I am and at the end of the day we are all born naked!”


Almost famous: She has appeared as a cam-girl on Babestation, but you wouldn’t recognise her from there. Oh no.