Big Brother evictee Simon Gross on returning to the house: I’m not sour – I still can’t believe it

Simon Gross is being given a second chance by Big Brother, after leaving in a shock launch show eviction just two hours after he entered the house

Big Brother contestant Simon Gross is back. The 46-year-old theatre company owner has been given a second chance to wow the viewing public after being unceremoniously kicked out of the house during the launch show.


Gross left the infamous house two and a half weeks ago, just two hours after entering, when the show’s first game failed to go in his favour. 

The eviction was a shock and the initial feeling was, ‘Why me?’,” admits Gross. “I was gutted. I felt cheated. It was like being dragged away from your family even though I had only known those people for two hours. It was a horrible feeling. The Timebomb was a good idea but it was brutal.”

He insists he’s “not sour” though, saying he has still been watching the show “avidly”. 

Gross is set to enter the house once more in tonight’s 4 In, 4 Out special. A turn of events he says feels like winning the lottery: “I was crying. I still can’t believe it. I was so emotional… and now I have been given another chance.”

He reckons his unique BB journey has been an advantage: “I have got to know the people more. I know what I am walking into. It feels like you’re bringing a new flavour to it and I feel privileged to be part of it.”

Plus he’s less nervous this time around. 

“I feel like you could do anything to me now and I would just bounce straight back,” he says. 

“I’m big, I’m in your face but I’m real as well. No one got to see it last time but they are going to see it this time.”

Let’s hope, for his sake at least, that he lasts a little longer during his second stint…


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