Iain De Caestecker defends Ryan Gosling’s Lost River

The Agents of SHIELD actor who appeared in Gosling’s directorial debut has hit back at critics of the film

Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut Lost River was panned by critics and denied a full release, but one man won’t hear a word said against it – Agents of SHIELD’S Iain De Caestecker, who starred as scrap-collector Bones in the film.


“Look, you know, for me I couldn’t be more proud of being a part of that film, and I think it’s amazing…I think Ryan as a director should be celebrated,” De Caestecker told RadioTimes.com.

He added: “I think originally it didn’t get a good reaction, but I’ve personally had a good reaction from a lot of people for it, so you know it’s people’s opinion versus other people’s opinion.”

Also starring Matt Smith (and his muscles), Eva Mendes and Christina Hendricks, the fantasy neo-noir was greeted with both boos and cheers when it debuted a year ago at the Cannes film festival, with some reviewers describing it as “colossally indulgent,” or “dumbfoundingly poor”.

However, some suggested it showed promise for Gosling’s first shot at directing, and was unjustly scorned because of the actor’s high profile.

De Caestecker concluded: “Of course, when you do something you love you want everyone to like it – but obviously a lot of people won’t enjoy it in the same way, and that’s OK.”


“I think for Ryan to make a movie the way he did…I think he’s a very special director, personally.”