Star Trek fan gives Commander Riker the TV spin-off he always deserved

The brilliantly bizarre fan-made edit brings Jonathan Frakes' popular character back to our screens in self-titled show Riker


He was Captain Jean Luc Picard’s Number One – and the fans’ number one – so is it any wonder someone’s created a TV spin-off for Star Trek’s Commander Riker?


Jonathan Frakes portrayal of the The Next Generation’s leading lothario has inspired many memes and online tributes. His fabulous facial hair, which appeared during the show’s original run, is perhaps the most popular.

Not content with glittering gifs and marvellous facepalm memes, one enterprising fan has taken things a step further: he’s only gone and put together Riker’s very own TV pilot.

Set against some rather spacey jazz, the aptly titled Riker highlights the Commander’s charming habits and even pays homage to his unrivalled ability to errr, get around the galaxy.


Sure, it needs a little work before it’ll make it past pilot season but if Jonathan Frakes himself jumped on board we’re sure someone would make it (a) show.

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