New X-Files script made David Duchovny cry

The show's comeback is "fantastic" reveals the star, who would be open to doing more than the planned six episodes

After 13 years, The X-Files is returning to our TV screens. The reboot has so far been shrouded in secrecy but there are scripts out there – and the first episode reduced returning star David Duchovny to tears. 


“I got the first script this morning,” the actor told Entertainment Weekly. “I just read it about an hour ago and I started crying reading the first page.”

Mulder and Scully fans needn’t fret, though. Duchovny wasn’t reaching for his handkerchief because the script was really awful.

“It was just so strange to see the names on the page. It had nothing to do with the script itself,” he continued. “It was just like, I’d been talking about this for a long time. We’d been planning it for a long time. It took a long time to get all the people in the same place and get the deal with Fox. So let’s say two years we’ve been talking about doing it. Now it’s the fun part. Now we actually get to do it. That was nice and strangely emotional for me.”

When it comes to what’s actually in the script, Duchovny insists it’s “fantastic” but won’t reveal much more. He and fellow returning star Gillian Anderson are working on six new episodes of the drama for Fox – but after that we won’t necessarily have to bid them farewell again, he says.

“I would be open to doing another cycle,” he said. “I don’t know that I could do a 20-episode version of this show at this point in my life, and I don’t know that Gillian could. But I think everybody is open-ended on what happens after this. Certainly, we didn’t bring it back with the idea of ending it.”

The series will begin on Sunday 24th January 2016 in the US. There’s no news yet on when it will land in the UK.

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