Karen Gillan is interviewed by a nine-year old about Doctor Who… and it’s seriously good

The actress talks Amy, Rory, the future and Guardians of the Galaxy in this impressive interview with YouTuber Presley...

Brace yourself, because this is both truly adorable and will also make you feel like you were a severely inadequate child.


The following video shows nine year-old YouTuber Presley interview Karen Gillan with such confidence and insight, that it makes you wonder why you were mucking around in the park at that age instead of doing amazing things like this…

“I really loved your story arc on Doctor Who,” begins Presley, as the pair sit down to chat on a Comic Con sofa in Denver, “it was some of the best storytelling on the show.” 

When asked about her storyline with Rory, Gillan responds, “I had no idea that the story would take such a twist and become this epic love story between Amy and Rory…”

The highlight of the interview is when the pair discuss how Amy Pond met her tragic fate. Presley, who makes videos on Cosplay, science and Japanese Anime, tells Gillan, “the ending of your time of the show was really sad, I cried myself to sleep that night” and Gillan apologises before they both start laughing. 


Gillan adds, “we didn’t know what the ending was going to be…and we were coming up with with all sorts of theories and nobody guessed that we would go the way we went. But I’m so glad that we did because we got displaced in time so we actually had our happy ending in a weird way.”