Emmerdale: will Victoria be sent to prison after running Ashley down? Isabel Hodgins interview

"She's thinking, 'I'm 21, I've made a stupid mistake and now my life could be over'"


Victoria Sugden will be left fearing she’ll be sent to prison after she runs down village vicar Ashley Thomas. An angry Victoria will be seen rowing with boyfriend Adam, only to then drive off and collide with Ashley. “He emerges from behind a bush and Victoria accidentally hits him,” says actress Isabel Hodgins. “She’s terrified of what could happen to Ashley. He’s a well-loved man in the village and he has two children, so she’s utterly devastated at what she could have done to other people’s lives.”


To begin with, Ashley appears to be OK and it’s only during a later confrontation with Laurel that he collapses and ends up being rushed to hospital. When Victoria learns about what has happened, she heads dashes over and finds Ashley has been put into a medically induced coma. And what’s more, Laurel is now being accused of injuring Ashley during their row.

“Victoria feels guilty because she works with Marlon and knows all about Laurel’s situation and the fact that everyone’s turned against her,” continues Hodgins. “Part of Victoria feels that she now has time to think about what she needs to do because the heat isn’t on her. But ultimately, she does feel guilty because she knows that Laurel’s not to blame.”

Initially, Adam advises Victoria not to go to the police, but in the end she confesses to both Harriet and Laurel that it was she who ran down Ashley. But with the vicar’s condition set to worsen and Robert warning Victoria that she could be charged with hit and run and sent to prison, the situation is looking bleak.

“She’s terrified. She’s thinking, ‘I’m 21, I’ve made a stupid mistake and now my life could be over.’ She’s not stupid – she knows that Ashley’s critical. And maybe her way of coping is to think of the worst-case scenario. She thinks, ‘he could die and I could be sent to prison for this’…”

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