Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein eyes up Scandi drama 1864 for the big screen

Weinstein is in talks with Danish director Ole Bornedal about making the period epic into a film


If you’ve been enjoying 1864, BBC4’s period Scandi import about life and love during Denmark’s conflict with Prussia, then you’re in good company.


Film mogul Harvey Weinstein is also eyeing the project up, according to the Danish director Ole Bornedal.

But whether he will get it is another matter.

“I think Harvey Weinstein is interested in every project,” says Bornedal. ”He is like a black hole in the universe trying to suck in everything. He approached me after this project. He is very interested.”

1864 is a sweeping drama set during Denmark’s war with Prussia, focusing on the fortunes of two brothers – Laust and Peter – and the vibrant Inge, the childhood friend they both love.

The Killing and Borgen star Søren Malling – who plays inspirational officer Johan – said he was aware of the interest from Weinstein but did not expect to be involved in any big-screen re-make.

He told “There is talk of a remake – Ole and Harvey go way back – Ole used to work for him. I doubt I would be in it – they would be looking for British or American actors I suspect.”

Søren Malling will be at Nordicana, a celebration of Nordic TV, next month. The event takes place on 6th and 7th June at the Troxy. Tickets are available from 1864 will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on 8th June.



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