Buy a fridge full of Jurassic Park video games*

*Fridge not included

Thanks to Jurassic Park, it’s well known that dinosaur embryos must be kept in refrigerated containment or, failing that, specially adapted shaving foam canisters.


Now, thanks to this baffling eBay listing, we know you have to keep old Jurassic Park video games in the fridge, lest they spoil.

Yes, that’s a fridge full of Jurassic Park for the Super Nintendo. And a bottle of Bacardi rum, but that’s not included in the sale.

Neither is the fridge.

You have questions, so let’s answer them. Released in 1993, the Jurassic Park video game played as a cross between Zelda and Doom, where palaeontologist Dr Alan Grant has to escape Isla Nublar by mercilessly gunning down dinosaurs, just like in the film.

eBay seller k3vbot originally acquired around 120 copies as part of a stock room sell-off at a games store. He then traded and bartered his way up to around 300 copies.

Then he put them in a fridge and listed them on eBay for $1,500 (around £970).

The sale also includes a few copies of Jurassic Park for the Game Boy and Mega Drive, but not the fridge itself. So why are they in a fridge?

“Because that’s the ‘cool’ thing to do and I like to keep it fresh ;)”


Perfect. The listing has already sold (those American games wouldn’t have worked in European SNESes anyway) but not to worry: next week we’ll have a bread bin of GoldenEye, and a skip full of Tron.