Coronation Street: Michael to hit the bottle after discovering that Gavin is dead, says Les Dennis

When he finds out about Andy being an impostor, Michael looks set "to go AWOL"

A desperate Michael Rodwell will turn to booze after he discovers his son Gavin is dead and that Andy is actually an impostor. “I think Michael’s health will start to suffer because he just decides to give up, says actor Les Dennis. “He starts drinking and eating the wrong things because he doesn’t care. He hits the bottle and goes a bit AWOL.”


Michael will find out the truth after his ex-wife Susan sends him an album of old family photos. Despite Gail and Andy’s attempts to stop Michael from viewing the images, Michael will soon realise that the man sitting next to him on the sofa is not his son. But worse is to come when he learns that the real Gavin is dead and that Gail conspired to keep the news from Michael.

“It’s like a line of dominos or a house of cards: one thing leads to another and everything starts falling around Gail’s ears,” Dennis continues. “She lets things slip like having met Susan and Michael’s like, ‘What do you mean you met Susan?’ Because, of course, she went to the funeral. So Michael’s like, ‘You went to the funeral and you still didn’t tell me!'” 

All of which looks set to test Gail and Michael’s marriage to breaking point. The pair have only been wed a month, but Dennis believes that there isn’t much chance of a future for them. “I think Michael still loves Gail, but he is so shocked at what she’s done. I don’t believe at this point that he can forgive her. He thinks that all trust is gone. And, you know, if you had had a chance to meet your son, even though he was a bad’un, you’d still want her to have told him. And he can’t forgive her for that.” 

And what of Andy in all of this, the man who has now become close to Michel, despite initially planning to scam him. Could Michael ever accept him as his son? “Certainly not immediately. He just doesn’t want anything to do with him and he is so cold.

“Andy really wants to make amends and let Michael know that he’s very fond of him, but Michael just doesn’t want to know. And we have a classic Corrie scene at the Bistro where he lets everybody know what’s been going on. He outs him and he also outs Gail for what she’s done.”

Secrets, of course, do have a habit of being spilled in soapland. So it was only ever a matter of time before Michael found out about what had been going on behind his back. But is Dennis pleased that the truth has now come to light?

“I am because we get to see a harder side to Michael. Since being a burglar, he’s been really nice and he acquiesces and gives in to everybody. But now we’re going to see the worm that turns. He’s very angry. He’s not nasty, but there’s a steelier side to him that we haven’t seen before.”

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