Graham Norton loses his luggage on the way to Eurovision 2015

Luckily, the presenter has been given some patriotic pants to wear for the Eurovision Song Contest after his suitcase didn't arrive in Vienna. Maybe they will bring UK act Electro Velvet luck?

Things have gone from bad to worse for the UK’s chances in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. First Electro Velvet were drawn in the tricky first half of the show, and now Graham Norton has lost his bags before the big night. Are we cursed?


The BBC presenter revealed on Twitter that when he arrived in Eurovision 2015 host city Vienna, his luggage was missing.

The airline replied to tell him they were on the case, but next morning the Voice of Eurovision’s baggage had still not arrived. ‘Luckily’, a kindly soul had lent him some clean underwear especially for the night…

Still no luggage in Vienna. Luckily (?) someone lent me these! #snug #eurovision

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Perhaps Graham’s British briefs will bring the UK luck? Or maybe it just confirms that when it comes to Eurovision, we’re a load of pants…

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