Why hasn’t Matt Smith been in any of the Terminator: Genysis trailers?

The Doctor Who star seems to be hidden away as he's absent from yet another release

The new trailer for Terminator reboot/sequel/prequel/all the things has plenty going for it – evil John Connor, a glimpse of the film’s dystopic future and a bit where Arnold Schwarzenegger punches another version of him in the face – but after all this time, there’s still one major hold-out. Where is Matt Smith?


With multiple trailers and preview clips landed we might have expected to see the erstwhile Doctor Who star at least once, but so far he’s nowhere to be seen. What gives?

Based on the last trailer we thought he could be a mysterious new Terminator, but the new one makes clear that particular robot in disguise is Jason Clarke’s transformed John Connor – so could Smith be another important character we haven’t met yet?

Even this brand new teaser that Arnie was “pumped” to share, action-filled as it is, remains Matt Smith-less.

We still don’t know anything about his character except that his name is Tim, and he appears to be in the human resistance alongside John Connor (Jason Clarke), Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) and co – could this be a smokescreen for a secret key role?

Alternatively, Smith could just be playing a soldier called Tim – an ordinary guy who has such a minor role in the story he doesn’t even need to pop up in the trailers. No wonder he looks so angry in the few preview images we have of him…

Either way, we’re drawing a line in the sand. We want Matt Smith – and we want him now. And don’t think we’ll just go away and stop the fight to see the Eleventh Doctor get the screen time he deserves. We’ll be back!


Terminator: Genisys will be released in UK cinemas from the 3rd of July

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