Ricky Gervais begins filming Special Correspondents – and fans get a glimpse of the action

Actor Eric Bana tweets that he's a "lucky boy" as he and The Office star begin shooting the Netflix film

Yesterday Ricky Gervais started filming Special Correspondents in Canada and fans were granted a peek at the action via Twitter. 


The film will air on the paid-for streaming service Netflix in 2016 and sees Gervais don multiple hats; he’s not only written it, but will direct and star, too.

It’s about a struggling New York radio journalist (played by Eric Bana) who fakes frontline war reports from the comfort of a hideout above a Spanish restaurant in the heart of Manhattan. Gervais will appear as his radio technician sidekick. 

Gervais had to be up at an unorthodox hour to begin filming:

There was also a glimpse of official-looking documents.

Earlier this week, we were treated to a first glimpse of Gervais stepping back into the shoes of his alter-ego in The Office, David Brent, in upcoming film Life on the Road. He didn’t reveal his radio technician getup for Special Correspondents yesterday, but this appears to be his and Bana’s studio home during the shoot. 

Bana seemed to be enjoying himself too, tweeting that he was a “lucky boy” to be working alongside Gervais.


The film will be released on Netflix in 2016.