What The Scorch Trials trailer tells us to expect from this year’s Maze Runner sequel

Dylan O'Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and co will return to face yet another trial at the hands of WCKD in September

Today the first full trailer for The Maze Runner sequel The Scorch Trials was released, giving us a proper peek at the second big screen outing of James Dashner’s best-selling trilogy. 


Directed by Wes Ball, The Maze Runner’s cinematic climax left the Gladers finally free of the maze. But one escape, it turns out, doesn’t mean freedom. Phase two of the WCKD’s plan has begun, but Thomas, Teresa, Newt and co aren’t quite sure what that means.

Here’s what the trailer reveals about the upcoming film…

The first thing we hear is that, according to WCKD, the maze trials have apparently been a “complete success” and that they could be the “key to everything”. What “everything” is remains to be seen.

Newt, Teresa, Thomas and the Gladers have, as we know, escaped their maze. But that’s not the end of the story.

Now, they face phase two: The Scorch, which looks as inhabitable as it sounds.

Indeed, things haven’t been going too well for the people outside of the maze either; they’re hanging on “by a thread”.

The Gladers soon learn that they weren’t actually the only people trapped in a maze.

Thomas, who is confused about his memory of and involvement with WCKD, is asked to choose which side he’s on.

Oh and yes, that’s Aidan Gillan, aka Game of Thrones’ Baelish

While he’s told he could find out why WCKD has done what it’s done…

…he’s pretty sure those in charge are hiding things from him and the other Gladers.

They start to realise they haven’t truly escaped anything.

So they must take things into their own hands once again.

But can they survive The Scorch?

Thomas almost doesn’t make it out.

But, as promised, escaping again doesn’t offer much relief.

This is how things are looking…

There’s a hint of romance, although author James Dashner told us this is not a central theme in this second film.

There’s death, but we know it won’t come to an unexpected character (on this the film stays true to the book).

There’s plenty of peril…

And, once more, a whole lot riding on these guys figuring out exactly what’s going on…

See the full trailer here:

The Scorch Trials will be released in the UK on September 18th 2015

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