First Steve Jobs teaser gives a cursory glance at Michael Fassbender’s Apple co-founder

Kate Winslet, Jeff Daniels and Seth Rogen also appear in the short trailer for Danny Boyle's biopic

The first teaser for Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs biopic is here, and it certainly puts things in perspective. Well, aspect ratio at least, as the back of Jobs’ head (as played by the back of Michael Fassbenders’ head) is slowly encroached upon into a smaller box, eventually becoming a cursor that can type out: Steve Jobs.


It’s quite a neat visual to represent the late Apple co-founder (accompanied by some dramatic dialogue), though we wouldn’t have minded seeing the Microsoft Office paperclip pop up too – “You look like you’re trying to write a stirring biopic of a flawed but charismatic man. Would you like some help?”

The trailer also gives us glimpses of Fassbender’s co-stars Seth Rogen (whose voice can be heard in the trailer haranguing Jobs), Jeff Daniels and Kate Winslet, who spoke to about the film last month.

“It was an extraordinary experience making it and we just wrapped in San Francisco,” she told us.

“Steve Jobs was so admired by so many people and I think for Michael Fassbender, who has played the role brilliantly – I know because I was in the room – he really wishes Steve was still here so he would have the experience of being able to spend time with him and be as accurate in his performance as possible.”

Sounds like the troubled lead-up to production on this biopic (which has included various cast and director changes) may finally be hitting smoother waters.


Steve Jobs will be released in the UK in November