Bertie Carvel’s TV CV

As Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell comes to BBC1, here's where you may have seen star Bertie Carvel before

Bertie Carvel appears with Eddie Marsan in BBC1’s lavish new Sunday-night period drama Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, playing a young magician with big ambitions – but where might you have seen his face before?


Doctor Who (2007)

After early appearances in the Stephen Hawking TV movie with Benedict Cumberbatch, a Beethoven mini-series and as a soldier in ITV’s Bombshell, Carvel popped up in a 2007 episode of Doctor Who as “Mysterious Man”, an ambiguous figure who works for The Master and warns companion Martha Jones’s mother against her daughter’s relationship with the Doctor.

Sherlock (2010)

The actor played a college friend of Benedict Cumberbatch’s super-sleuth in the first series of the BBC drama – though with friends like him, who needs enemies?

Les Miserables (2012)

Sticking with villainous types, Carvel played the nasty Bamatabois, who tries to pick up Anne Hathaway’s unlucky prostitute Fantine in the Oscar-winning musical film, and subsequently turns her into the police when she refuses him.

Babylon (2014)

Communications expert Finn, who gets passed over for promotion was probably Carvel’s most high-profile role until recently, with the scheming Metropolitan Police employee a highlight in Channel 4’s comedy drama.

The Wrong Mans (2014)

Carvel played against type in this thriller/comedy as white supremacist gang leader Nathan Cross, complete with tattoos, glass eye and convincing American accent.

Coalition (2015)

Most recently, Carvel impressed as political Kingmaker and erstwhile Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg in the drama based around the 2010 General Election and subsequent hung parliament.


Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is on BBC1 on Sunday nights at 9:00pm