Three hobbits and an elf have a Lord of the Rings reunion!

Let's hope they didn’t fill up too much on second breakfast

If the opening sequence to 2012’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey convinced you that a hobbit dinner party would be best avoided (and also include James Nesbitt and his pals wrecking your house rather than actually going questing), this next picture might just change your mind.


In fact, in this tweet Dominic Monaghan makes a tea party with the hairy-toed seem like an absolutely splendid idea, with the Lord of the Rings actor reuniting with co-stars (and fellow hobbits) Elijah Wood and Billy Boyd for a night of gastronomic revels, with elf Legolas (aka Orlando Bloom) also putting in an appearance.

No sign of fellow hobbit Samwise Gamgee, though – clearly he was off somewhere whipping up delicious taters in various forms to accompany the dishes and got distracted. They’re kind of his specialty, after all…

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