Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s dogs flee Australia just hours before death sentence deadline

Pistol and Boo had been threatened with euthanasia by the Australian agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce if they didn't "bugger off back to the USA" within 50 hours of being discovered in Oz without the correct paperwork

The most important and exciting entertainment story of the week has finally come to a peaceful conclusion today as it has been confirmed that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s pet Yorkshire terriers Pistol and Boo have left Australia unharmed. 


The near-international diplomatic incident, dubbed (by me) as DeppDogGate, began two days ago when Australia’s agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce issued a hardline ultimatum to owners Depp and Heard who it was alleged had snuck their dogs into Australia without telling the authorities or going through the necessary quarantine checks. 

“It’s time that Pistol and Boo buggered off back to the United States,” said Joyce on Thursday morning after giving the celebrity couple 50 hours to get their pooches back to California, or risk seeing them “euthanised.” He admitted that his strong words probably wouldn’t see him invited to the premiere of the new Pirates of the Caribbean film, which Depp was in Australia filming.

Pistol and Boo had been in the country for some time undetected it appears, but keen eyed authorities were apparently alerted to the alleged illegal immigrant canines after dog grooming professionals Lianne and Ellie Kent posted a picture of themselves with the famous pets on Facebook after the pooches checked into Happy Dogz in Queensland for a pampering session.

A press helicopter was scrambled and the world’s media broadcast the same three seconds of footage of the dogs in a window in their Queensland home over and over again for 30 hours as a stand-off began between the Australian authorities (led by the hard-talking Joyce) and the celebrity power couple. 

But now, with just hours to go until Duggan vowed to impose a death sentence on the cute canines, the agriculture minister has confirmed Depp and Heard blinked first. 

One tweet, two words, one punctuation mark said it all: 

Although it didn’t say it all, because Mr Joyce also released a lengthy statement about the incident, which confirmed that the dogs had left Queensland on a flight to the United States. It is not clear whether Depp and Heard accompanied their four legged friends.

“A Department of Agriculture officer has escorted the two dogs from the property in Queensland, where they had been held under quarantine order, to the airport for their flight home. The department issued the necessary export documentation and correspondence to the relevant veterinary authority to facilitate the repatriation of the dogs. All costs associated with returning the dogs were met by the owners.”

And to add insult to injury, Mr Joyce even cast doubt on whether poor Pistol and Boo would be welcome back in their native United States after travelling without the correct paperwork. 

“They obviously got on the plane in the United States without telling the United States authorities that they were leaving,” Joyce told ABC Radio. “Technically, if they absconded [without] the proper process of authorisation in leaving the States, does the US recognise that they’re here? They’re stateless dogs.”

It is understood that Depp and Heard could be fined by Australian authorities for this breach of their biosecurity rules. At this stage the acting duo have not commented on the issue in person or through representatives.  


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