Is Daniel Craig playing a stormtrooper in Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

We have our doubts...


So, the word on the Death Star concourse is that James Bond star Daniel Craig might be playing a stormtrooper in upcoming Star Wars sequel the Force Awakens – but we’re not convinced.


Sure, Simon Pegg apparently blurted out the fact on the red carpet for his new film Man Up (adding “’I shouldn’t have said that”) when pressed if he had a secret role in Episode VII – but could it not just have been a joke taken the wrong way? And surely Craig’s been pretty busy with filming for the next James Bond outing Spectre? Hmm…

Anyway, if we know our stormtroopers there’s NO way Daniel Craig would work as one. Totally miscast.

For one thing, he’s too good a shot. Even at his shakiest in Skyfall, Craig could hit a target…

Whereas dozens of stormtroopers can’t hit one guy running slowly down a corridor, and are generally famous for their bad aim.

Seriously, work on your aim guys.

You have to admit, Daniel Craig doesn’t die easily enough to be one of the Empire’s footsoldiers. Stormtroopers drop like flies – I mean, what does their body armour even do?

Whereas Craig totally walks this off in Skyfall.

He’d also hold up too well under interrogation.

Stormtroopers should be more suggestible, judging by the films.

And he has far too much experience with espionage. We can’t imagine James Bond falling for this one, if we’re honest.

And overall, Daniel Craig is just too suave to be a stormtrooper.

Let’s face it – stormtroopers aren’t suave. Let’s put this rumour to bed.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released in the UK on the 18th December 2015