Billie Piper on why she’s always playing prostitutes

“I think I’m slightly drawn to those kinds of women,” admits the Penny Dreadful actress, adding that her days of walking the streets are numbered

Billie Piper is famous for many things. She was Rose, the first companion of the modern era of Doctor Who. She was a chart topping pop star aged just 16 years old. She was married to Chris Evans. And lately, she’s played a lot of prostitutes on screen.


By our reckoning, in the years since leaving Doctor Who, Piper has played sex workers in Penny Dreadful, Secret Diary of a Call Girl (where she played real life blogger Belle de Jour) and Foxtrot (a one off play for Playhouse Presents on Sky Arts). “It’s just one of those unhappy coincidences, you know,” Piper told Alan Carr. “I don’t know how that keeps happening.”

Asked why she seemed attracted to the roles, Piper was not sure. “I think I’m slightly drawn to those kinds of women,” she explained. “Women who are slightly unconventional. They are fun but I think I have to sort of cool down one day.” 

Now she has decided to leave that lifestyle behind her, vowing “those days are numbered.”

Presumably she means after Penny Dreadful is cancelled. Series two, in which she plays the undead prostitute Brona Croft, is currently showing on Sky Atlantic.

Another thing Piper won’t do again? Be a pop star.

“No. No I think my days are gone. They’re done.”


Billie Piper sure is closing a lot of doors on tonight’s Alan Carr Chatty Man (10pm Ch4). But will she ever open the Tardis doors again?