Who are the New Mutants?

The Fault in Our Stars director Josh Boone is bringing the X-Men spin-off to the screen - but what can we expect?


Oh dear – not more comic book news?


You’re right – super-exciting stuff! The news is in that Josh Boone (who directed tearjerker cancer drama The Fault in Our Stars) will be bringing a spin-off from the X-Men superhero film franchise to the screen, called the New Mutants, which will focus on teenage heroes.

Hey that’s great – I love those heroes in a half shell! Who’s playing Michelangelo?

No, I think you’re thinking of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – these characters aren’t giant reptiles or raised by a giant rat, but are rather young heroes born with special mutant powers that they use to protect a humanity that hates and fears them.

Wait, that’s not a spin-off – that sounds EXACTLY like the X-Men

Well that’s not a surprise – in the comics the film will presumably draw on, the New Mutants are the next generation educated at Professor X’s school for mutants after the original X-men have largely graduated. Still, the series had a bit more of a teenage and school-set focus (in keeping with director Boone’s experience), so it’s not a carbon copy.

So who’s in the team?

It’s not confirmed yet, though traditional team members Sunspot (who has solar-based powers) and Warpath (who’s strong and fast) appeared in small roles for 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. Still, no word whether those two will be back or if the same actors (Adan Canto and Booboo Stewart respectively) would return to play them.

Other comic-book members of the team include Cannonball (who flies really fast and smashes into things), Magik (who can teleport and do magic), Magma (who controls lava and tectonic plates) and Karma (who could take possession of her enemies).

Sounds like a powerful bunch!

They are mostly – though team member Cypher’s power was just to translate any language, which presumably means he’s been replaced on the team by a smartphone with Google translate on it.

Blimey, was his nemesis a villain who could instantly tell any song by listening until the intro?


Sadly not – although there IS a superhero called Shazam out there

Can you match the character from X-Men: The Animated Series with the superpower?