Supergirl looks way more cheerful than Man of Steel

Judging by the first Supergirl trailer, Superman could learn a few lessons about fun from his cousin

The first trailer for superhero TV series Supergirl has landed, giving us a first look at the adventures of Superman’s cousin Kara (Melissa Benoist) as she learns to harness her powers for good while maintaining her secret identity, living up to her cousin’s reputation and trying not to drop stuff and fall over too much.


It all looks like a lot of fun with action set pieces and geeky interactions galore – things are clearly a lot more cheerful on Kara’s side of the family. After all, the last time we saw Superman (aka Clark Kent) on screen in 2013’s Man of Steel, as played by Henry Cavill, his world was a lot bleaker.

Yeez. Check out more evidence – while Kara gets her adorkable on in meet-cutes…

…her cousin is killing her enemies with his bare hands

Sure, her flying might need a bit of work…

…but at least Kara hasn’t wrecked half her city. Be more careful where you throw people!

See, Clark, watch your cousin – you can AVOID destroying stuff while saving the day

Even her flying seems less angry. Does he have indigestion?

So, sorry, but we’re calling it – so far, we’re rooting for Supergirl over Superman.

Superheroes don’t have to be dark and gritty to work on screen (as films like The Avengers and Iron Man have shown), and characters like Superman in particular are supposed to be optimistic. Some recent superhero depictions seem to have forgotten that, so it’s good to see a little more hope on the screen.


If you ask us, it looks like Clark should try picking up a few tips for staying positive at the next family reunion…

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