Bradley Cooper to have recurring role in Limitless TV series

The actor starred in the 2011 film and is also executive producing the new television show which stars Jake McDorman as Eddie Morra's protegé Brian Finch


We knew that Bradley Cooper was executive producing new TV series Limitless, based on his 2011 film of the same name about a man who becomes super-intelligent after taking a wonder drug – but now it looks like he’ll get more time on screen than we realised.


In fact, The Hangover actor’s looming face is the first thing viewers will see in the newly-released trailer for the series which sees Cooper reprise his movie character Eddie Morra as he passes on the NZT pill that made him a genius to the next generation.

Basically, it looks like he’s adopting a slightly more sinister (and well-coiffured) version of the role Morpheus plays for Neo in the Matrix – handing new protégé Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) a magic pill that will change his life and guiding him through the transformation, with Cooper’s character set to recur throughout the series.

Clearly from the trailer, he’s a great mentor when it comes to using magic hand-strength (it’s totally a thing. You shut up) – but we have to say, he has a slightly odd line in small talk…


On second thoughts, you can keep the pill mate.

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