Rufus Hound wants to play a full-time companion to a female Doctor after his current Doctor Who role

The comedian says Missy has helped pave the way for a female Doctor and he’d like to be by her side

Comedian Rufus Hound has just finished filming on Doctor Who two-parter The Girl Who Died and The Woman Who Lived and has got such a taste for it that he’s now after a full-time gig on the show: as a male companion.


The way Hound sees it, Missy – the female version of the Master, played by Michelle Gomez – has helped pave the way for a female Doctor to follow on from Peter Capaldi, if and when he chooses to step down. “She’d need a companion,” Hound told with a smile, adding that he thoroughly enjoyed his time as part of the Doctor Who ‘family’.

That may seem like a hint that things pan out rather well for his character Sam Swift. But Hound’s no fool; there are no spoilers here. Instead, he says that recent events on the show – namely confirmation that fan favourite Osgood will be back from the dead after falling foul of Missy last series – means that even if his character was to die in this two-parter (he didn’t confirm either way), he could still return. Showrunner Steven Moffat certainly suggests doors are never closed on Doctor Who, recently noting this is a show about time travel so “anything can happen”.

Going on to discuss working with the current Doctor, Hound admitted it took a bit of getting used to. “Suddenly it was the Doctor talking to me and I sort of went…” he explained, pulling what is probably best described as a try-not-to-burst-with-excitement face. The scene in question turned out to be more of a run through for the cameras, and was filmed over Hound’s shoulder; the perfect time to have a bit of an ‘I’m on Doctor Who’ moment.

The comedian also revealed he used his time filming alongside actress Maisie Williams to drop in the idea of a role in Game of Thrones. He’s pretty sure his moustache and beard combo give him the right look. I suggested he should don a pair of George RR Martin print leggings (oh yes, they do exist) and tweet a picture to the writer. I’m not sure he was too keen, but I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for that… 

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