Doctor Who and Big Bang Theory mash-up video transports the Doctor through history

It's a nerdy combo for the ages


The Big Bang Theory has always been stuffed chock-full of Doctor Who references (and we know at least one of the cast would love to be in the show), but a new fan video has taken the connection between the two series to the next level.


The mash-up combines the opening credits to the US comedy (which speeds through all of human history to the strains of the Barenaked Ladies) with the journeys of the Time Lord, starting with a Tardis flying through space, then racing through pictures of the Doctor and his companions throughout history.

The video shows the Tardis drawn in ancient carvings, in the presence of dinosaurs and generally making its merry way through time and space as well as throwing in a few pictures of the Doctor’s various incarnations. We spotted the Fourth, Seventh, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors – did you see any more before the big group shot at the end?


One thing’s for sure – Dr Sheldon Cooper would heartily approve.