Big Brother Timebomb: meet Simon Gross

The 46-year-old theatre lover is keen on getting some exposure - and doing anything in the performing arts

Name: Simon Gross


Age: 46

Loves:  His home, gym, car, clothes, family, partner

Hates: Ill-mannered youngsters

Fun fact: Has worked in panto and also claims to have done “some stuff with Louise Spence” 

He says: 

My father passed away last year and when you lose a parent it brings things home. This will be like a life coaching exercise for me.

If I can get exposure and recognition then I will love it. But if I don’t get anything out of it then I still have a production company and a business. I did some stuff with Louie Spence and I’ve worked in panto with a few celebs but as far as I am concerned we are all celebrities!

I have had to fight all my life from being bullied at school because I was different so it has made me more determined to succeed. I am just going to be myself and get along with everybody fantastically.


I would love to work in showbusiness in theatre or TV. I do a lot of work for the elderly so it would be nice to do something with a charity. If the worst comes to the worst I will get a job cleaning!