Big Brother Timebomb: meet Sarah Greenwood

The fiery law student from Manchester says she could be the next Katie Hopkins - but is not looking for love in the house (probably)

Name: Sarah Greenwood


Age: 24

Loves: Shopping, her daughter (three-year-old Evie), Louboutin shoes

Hates: Whingers, over-sensitive people

Fun fact: Says she has been thrown out of numerous schools, but still managed to pass the first year of her law degree

She says: 

I think you could categorise me with people like Katie Hopkins and Helen Wood, probably because when I go in there I imagine people will boo me because I already know what is on that entrance tape!

I’m not looking for love. I’ve got a three-and-a-half year old daughter so I’m not looking to be in relationships. I’d never say never because I don’t know who is going in there. 

I am energetic and chatty and gossipy. I am a proper girl in that sense, if you imagine Mean Girls. But I’m not a horrible person! I do develop little cliques and get my own group of people. My life is full of hilarious things. I walk out of the door and end up in a Mardi Gras. I’m just one of those people.


If I am doing tasks I like to lead it and I like things done my own way. I have identified myself with people who have got very far in the competition and won it but I think I am probably somebody who people wouldn’t like!