Big Brother Timebomb: meet Joel Williams

The competitive and outspoken aspiring Welsh politician is keen to get his teeth into the challenge of Big Brother to get some real life experience


Name: Joel Williams


Age: 19 

Twitter: @JoelTory

Loves: Galaxy chocolate bars, the Conservative party, his Fiat 500, a good debate and the word “challenge”

Hates: People who don’t have political opinions

Fun fact: He’s never watched Big Brother, but his mum loves it

He says: 

I think [Big Brother’s] a challenge and I’m looking forward to a challenge because I like a challenge. I used the word challenge quite a bit in that sentence but we like a challenge! 

I am brutally honest. I think it is important for a person to know the truth and that may offend people but at least you will have my honest opinion. 

I was appointed the youngest school governor in Wales and I’m a local community councillor. That was a big achievement for me because I think it is great to represent people. 


I love law. I think it is good to have politicians who have got a career before they go into politics. Life experience is important and Big Brother is undoubtedly a huge life experience. 

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