Big Brother Timebomb: meet Jade-Martina Lynch

The Irish model believes the universe put her in BB for a reason— and as a polyamorous singleton, she's open to finding love in the house...


Name: Jade-Martina Lynch


Age: 24

Loves: Her dog Rupert, Peter Andre, spirituality

Hates: Girls who are obsessed with how they look 

Fun fact: Jade-Martina doesn’t believe in monogamy and lives a polyamorous lifestyle 

She says: “I am quite a counsellor. People tend to flock to me with their problems and open up to me. It’s just a natural thing that people do. I tend to get into people’s brains and open up some more. I am the big sister type, the voice of reason.”

“I am studying Social Studies and I want to work with homeless people. But in five years time I want to have my own house, work with animals and continue my modelling, travelling around the world.”

“I would never be fake because I can’t be fake. “

She describes herself as “Hedonist, Bat lover, Buddhist. Big Brother 2015: Timebomb. Model and Student. Instagram JadieBabyx” on Twitter…

Almost famous: Jade-Martina says she’s appeared in three episodes as an unnamed character in Game of Thrones. Jade-Martina is also the cousin of TV star and total Wipe-out co-presenter Amanda Byram.

She’s also danced in several music videos, including this rather eccentric one from singer Andrew Mann…