Big Brother Timebomb: meet Jack McDermott

The 23-year-old's claim to fame is winning £7,000 on Deal or No Deal and he's so football-obsessed, he won't have time to "bother" with love in the BB house...


Name: Jack McDermott


Age: 23

Loves: Family, football and team Plymouth Argyle, Mock the Week and cooking 

Hates: People who are stuck up

Fun fact: He won £7,000 on Deal or No Deal

He says: “I am pretty competitive. There is no point entering the House if you don’t want to win the competition. There is no point playing to not win.”

“Housemates may find me annoying because I can talk a lot, but some Housemates may like that because I can keep them entertained. I can cook!”


“It is all about being yourself in there, there’s no point in being fake or anything you’re not. “