Big Brother Timebomb: meet Harriet Jackson

The 22-year-old waitress applied for Big Brother for a joke and says she just wants to have fun: "I don't want everyone being miserable, I'd rather go home!"


Name: Harriet Jackson


Age: 22

Twitter: @harrietjackson0

Loves: Her mum, her dad and her long-term boyfriend 

Hates: People who smack their lips, sneaky people and liars 

Fun fact: She failed her driving test twice and sees getting into Big Brother as her biggest achievement to date 

She says: 

I [entered] for a joke and the joke has gone a bit too far! If I win it would be nice but I am happy just to get this far. 

If I get booted out in here the first or second week then I made it this far and I am quite happy. I’ll just go back to work like I did before. I’m not losing anything because I’ve got nothing to lose! 

I am such a home girl that even when I go on holiday I’m saying, “Mum, I want to come home!” She is the only person who can calm me down when I am upset so I will just have to think about her and that will make me more upset! 


If anything was to come from this I would love it. I would like to work. In the TV industry if I can but if not then my boyfriend will look after me and we will have loads of kids. 

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