Big Brother Timebomb: Meet Eileen Daly

The 51-year-old musician and director looks forward to some fun - but how will she get on with the other housemates?

Name: Eileen Daly


Age: 51

Twitter handle: @eileenstarlet

Loves: Nature, the sea, the birds, her dog, the sky

Hates: Vanity and loud people

Fun fact: Eileen makes feature films and albums, and has a music studio in her house

She says: “I just think it’s a really fun, crazy thing to do. I don’t want to be locked up with 16 nutters but I probably will be and I’ll probably end up as one of the nutters!”

“I can’t see myself as a Nasty Nick or a Jade Goody or a Perez Hilton. I haven’t really identified with anyone on there!”


Almost famous: Eileen once auditioned for the X Factor – but it didn’t go so well…

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