Big Brother Timebomb: Meet Danny Wisker

The 29-year-old demolitions worker is pleased to get out of his routine – but how will he fare in the house?

Name: Danny Wisker


Age: 29

Twitter handle: @dannywisk

Loves: Playing football, winning and getting out of his routine

Hates: Early mornings

Fun fact: Danny works in demolition (aka blowing stuff up for money), but he says it’s “pretty boring”

He says: “I like to think I can be everybody’s friend and they can come to me for advice. I feel I can give good advice because of my own life experiences. I feel like I have done it all. I probably haven’t but feel like I have. I can give good advice but I tend not to follow my own advice!”

Almost famous:


A few years ago, Danny took part in an ITV2 series called Girlfriends – and he won!

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