Big Brother Timebomb: Meet Cristian MJC

The 20-year-old rapper and student will miss his phone more than anything, but says he'll get along with everyone just fine as long as they respect his music

Name: Cristian MJC, aka Matthew Clarkson


Age: 20

Twitter handle: @CristianMJC

Loves: Swimming, music and Biomedical science (which he’s due to study at UCL)

Hates: People who don’t respect his rapping

Fun fact: If he wins, Cristian plans to use the prize money to pay his uni fees

He says: “I would love to go in because I think it is a weird experience. When in your life are you ever going to get the opportunity to isolate yourself from the world and not have social media or a phone?”

“I am friendly, I get on with people easily in matter what age group. I don’t like getting aggressive, I am past that.”

Almost famous:

Cristian is friends with stars of Corrie, TOWIE, Made in Chelsea and Hollyoaks, and has been in the Daily Mail – but he’s probably best known for his music.


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