Big Brother Timebomb: meet Chloe Wilburn

The 25-year-old girl's girl is keen to do something out of the ordinary - and is likely to crack out some Irish dancing in the process...

Name: Chloe Wilburn


Age: 25

Twitter: @ChloeJade59

Loves: Her mobile phone, Irish dancing, her boyfriend and Benidorm

Hates: “Girls who just hang round the lads shaking their boobs in their faces”

Fun fact: She walks up and down the streets of Benidorm on Google Earth every day

She says: 

I am going to work nine to five for the rest of my life. I am never going to get out of Donny and that is fine by me, I love being normal. But I just think I would like to do something random so I can look back when I’m 50 and say, ‘At least I did this’. 

I won a national Irish dancing contest in 2007. When I’m out and B*Witched comes on I still do it. I’m always busting out Irish dancing moves. 

I think I am normal and it’s not often you get that anymore! I can cheer people up and chat to people. 


[If I won] I’d go to Benidorm straight away. It would all be about Benidorm. I love it! I go twice a year every year. 

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